Frequently Asked Questions

Why do real estate investors and business owners need a CPA?

CPA’s are knowledgeable with the foundations of business. When it comes to forming an entity, ensuring that the correct taxes forms are filed, strategic tax planning, and keeping your books and records organized, an accountant is an indispensable part of any business.

Who are your typical clients?

MOA specializes in real estate investment taxation. We service newbie house hackers, buy and hold investors, flippers, wholesalers, and realtors. Our typical client works as an employee, but invests on the side in hopes of gaining financial freedom. A portion of our clientele are small business owners as well. As a virtual CPA firm, we work with clients in all 50 states.

Do I need a CPA in my state?

Unlike attorneys, CPA’s are able to work for clients in all 50 states. The lion’s share of tax strategies as a real estate investor or small business owner will center around the federal tax code, not so much the state tax code. State nuances can typically be researched and dealt with by most CPA’s. It’s much more critical to work with a CPA that specializes in your industry than to have one in your state. Don’t let geography be a barrier.

What is unique about My Online Accountant (MOA)?

MOA is a virtual CPA firm. We leverage the latest in technology to automate the tax side of real estate investing. The end result? Compliant tax returns, more money in your pocket, and more time in your day. Our expert CPA’s not only specialize in real estate, but invest in real estate too.

Do you provide business and individual tax returns?

Yes! We prepare tax returns for individuals, single member LLC’s, partnerships, and corporations.

I know that I have to file taxes, but why do I need bookkeeping?

Businesses need to keep track of a myriad of records. Which customers owe money? Which vendors need to be paid? Where is there room to cut down on expenses? The answers lay in the books. A business with accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping is simply better equipped and more likely to make money than a business without it. Additionally, accurate bookkeeping prevents valuable deductions from falling through the cracks, assists in the lending and refinance process, and expedites the tax preparation process.

Quickbooks works fine. Why do I need My Online Accountant (MOA)?

MOA doesn’t compete with Quickbooks. We ensure that businesses are utilizing Quickbooks correctly. Our staff is trained as Quickbooks Pro Advisors. Whether your business needs data entry, bank and credit card reconciliations, financial statements, or general Quickbooks advice, MOA helps you to optimize your Quickbooks file.

Ok I'm in. Now what's it going to cost me?

You’ll be surprised at our low rates! Click here to see our fee schedule.

What is the process to get started?

Schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation with a senior partner. If you are interested in becoming a client after the consultation, an engagement letter will be sent to you outlining our responsibilities as your tax advisor. You can then review, electronically sign, and return your engagement letter to us. At that time, we will provide you with access to our client portal and send you an information request for the items needed to begin servicing you.

How do I send you financial information?

Each client receives their own access to our secure client portal and app. There you will be able to upload, drag and drop, or snap a photo of of your documentation.

Is my financial information secure over the internet?

Our secure portal is fully encrypted to provide maximum security. Each client has access via a unique user name and password, just like your bank.

How can I contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation?

Please fill out the form below and a senior partner will respond as soon as possible.

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